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Who We Are

DMT (Digital Media Technology) is a two-year program that prepares students to go directly into a specialized career in digital media.

This program will train you in one of these emerging careers – Video Production, Motion Graphics, or Web Development.

Students will learn to create persuasive, educational, informational and entertainment-based video, audio, and motion graphic content for use in multimedia, web, mobile devices, broadcast, and live events.  With plenty of on-campus resources, including green screens, specialized computer labs and industry-standard equipment, students will polish their skills and gain the hands-on experience needed to land a job when they graduate.

Video Production

Learn concepts, principles, tools and techniques of producing, assembling, and mixing digital video and audio as they relate to video production.

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Motion Graphics

Learn concepts and techniques of motion graphics for various distribution formats with current industry standard programs.

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Web Development

Learn about current programming knowledge applied to back-end, front-end and cross-browser. Learn the importance of user interface design and the interaction of client requests.

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