What is the Valencia Digital Media program?

We are a 2-year AS program with three tracks in digital video production intended to train you to be a reporter, motion graphic artist, or live event video crew member.

We also have a track in web programming intended to train you as a web developer.

In either case, the primary goal of our track is to get you practice in tangible skills that will get you started in the workforce.

What courses help me get to a univeristy program in digital media?

As an AS program, our primary goal is to train people to go to work rather than to go to a 4-year school. That being said, Valencia has cooperated with other area schools to align certain courses and make it easer to earn credit at other institutions. You can find those aligned courses here.

AS degree graduates can also enter several BAS programs at the University of Central Florida. For instance, you could earn a Digital Media AS and pair it with a BAS in Nursing to become the media specialist for a large doctor’s office or hospital.

Students graduating with an AS in our Web Development track might be interested in continuing their education by earning UCF’s BAS in Software Development.

Do you teach gaming?

No. Our advisors in the community told us they look for 4-year and 6-year degrees or experience in the field of game design, rather than 2-year degree graduates. There is some overlap with our AS courses and local 4-year degrees, but there are other pathways as well.

If you are interested in gaming, consider the area of gaming you want to do. A game designer might benefit greatly from the fine art courses at Valencia. A game programmer might benefit from courses in our IT area.

Do you teach web design?

In a sense, yes. We teach the programming languages like PHP and JavaScript that help make websites function. That requires using interactivity as a design element. If you are more interested in the visual aspects of web design such as layout, typography and color theory, you probably want to check out our fantastic Interactive Design track in our Graphics program.

If you are in one of our digital video tracks, you have the opportunity to learn enough web design for video professionals. That would include editing HTML and CSS markup so that your online videos play correctly, learning some interactive design in order to create disc- or web-based interfaces, and using FTP to set up live video streams.

Do I need my own computer or camera?

No. We have a large computer lab open an average of 50 to 60 hours per week for you to come do your homework. We also have numerous cameras, light kits, stands, Wacom Tablets, still cameras, tape decks and other equipment for you to use to produce your videos. As you advance through the program, you’ll even be allowed to take equipment off campus and keep it overnight to do your work.