Digital Media Technology AS Degree & Course FAQs

What Classes Do I Need to Take to Earn My Associate in Science (AS) Degree in Digital Media Technology?

Depending on your specialization, you can find the classes you need to take under our Degree Requirements.  Make sure you’re using the correct flowchart based on your digital media technology specialization.

What AS Degree Specializations and Technical Certificates are Offered?

The AS Degree in Digital Media Technology offers two specializations: Video Production (with a focus on producing and editing videos) and Motion Graphics (with a focus on creating graphics for various distribution formats).  You’ll find the requirements for these AS Degree Specializations under our Degree Requirements.


We also offer Technical Certificates under each specialization.  Our technical certificates are best for people who are already working in the industry and who are just needing to be re-introduced to industry standard software and tools to keep their skills. 

How Long Does It Take to Earn an AS Degree in Digital Media Technology?

Students who are attending FULL-TIME for the fall, spring, and summer semesters, can complete our degree in 2 years (6 semesters).  Full-time students not taking classes during the summer semesters can complete our degree in 3 years.  Part-time students can, naturally, expect to take longer to complete our program depending on how many classes they are able to take each semester.

Am I Required to Submit a Portfolio to Delcare a Major in Valencia’s Digital Media Program?

We do not require a portfolio submission or special application for you to declare Digital Media Technology as your chosen degree path.  Our students have the opportunity to be exposed to industry basics their very first semester enrolled in our program and do not have to wait until “they are a junior” or are “accepted into our program”.  This also means students who are uncertain about whether or not this is the right major for them, can give it a try by registering for any of our semester-one courses before they declare a degree in our area to see if it’s a good fit for them.


Digital Media Technology Career FAQs

What Types of Jobs Are Available for Digital Media Majors?

Our graduates find themselves working as Video Producers, Production Studio Managers, Videographers, Video Editors (Video Production), Motion Graphic Designers, Digital Art Designer/Manager, Video Editing (Motion Graphics).

What Does A Portfolio Look Like For a Digital Media Technology Graduate?


While enrolled in our AS Degree program, our students are required to create a professional portfolio(while taking DIG 2580C Digital Media Portfolio Review).  The portfolios you see (links below) are of our AS degree graduates.  A professional portfolio is a requirement for placement in our industry.


Here is a random selection of student portfolios to give you an idea of what type of portfolio we expect of our graduates and the type of projects students have had to work on while they are with us:


Why Should I Choose to Major in Digital Media Technology?

There is a high demand for video producers, video editors and motion graphic designers.  Those choosing to major in Digital Media Technology desire career satisfaction and possess qualities including visual storytelling, creative problem solving, construct high-quality media formats using industry-standard software, ability to juggle multiple projects, strong verbal communication, and work in a fast-paced deadline-dependent environment.

What Type of Salary Should an Entry-Level Digital Media Graduate Expect?


Depending on your specialization, the estimated entry-level salary range is as follows: 

Video Production: 55,000 – 61,000

Motion Graphics: 51,000 – 67,000


Salary depends on location, portfolio quality, soft skills and technical skills.


Technical Requirement FAQs

Do I Have to Purchase a Computer/Camera Equipment to be a Digital Media Major?


We do not require students to purchase a computer, camera equipment or software to complete projects and assignments for class.  We offer open labs in which our students can do all of their work in.  If students are preferring to purchase a computer, software or equipment so that they can work from home, it would be best to purchase an Apple computer, as well as purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.  Although both vendors offer student discounts, the cost for purchasing a computer and software is a significant financial investment.

You’re always welcome to visit our open Lab to ask our students, lab assistants, and lab supervisors any questions you’d like about our labs and our program.  Do keep in mind that our labs are funded through student lab fees, so only students registered for Digital Media courses are able to use our labs.


Becoming A Digital Media Technology Major At Valencia College

How Do I Become a Digital Media Technology Major?


To learn more about how to become a Valencia student and to apply to become a Valencia student, please see Valencia’s list of enrollment/application requirements here:

For international students, the process is slightly different – you can find those enrollment/application requirements here:

How Much Does it Cost to be a Digital Media Technology Major?

To learn more about the costs associated with being a Valencia student, Valencia provides this information on their website:



When is the Best Time to Take the Internship Course?


DIG 2943 – Internship in Digital Media is recommended to take it in their very last semester prior to graduation.  The prerequisite for Internship differs depending on each digital media specialization which you can find here: Degree Requirements

It is strongly recommended for students to take Portfolio Review and Internship together in their final semester with no other courses as the workload food these two courses is extreme.



When is the Best Time to Take Portfolio Review?

DIG 2580C – Digital Media Portfolio Review is recommended to take it in their very last semester prior to graduation.  The prerequisite for portfolio review differs depending on each digital media specialization which you can find here: Degree Requirements

It is strongly recommended for students to take Portfolio Review and Internship together in their final semester with no other courses as the workload food these two courses is extreme.


Lab Usage FAQs

When is the Lab Open and Where is the Lab Located?


The lab is open Monday – Thursday: 9am – 9pm, Friday: 9am – 5pm, Saturday: 9am – 2pm, and closed Sunday.  Our East Campus Lab is located in Building 1, Room 152.

You can also find this information here: Campus Lab

A reminder that only students registered for Digital Media courses are able to use our labs.

Can I Bring Food and/or Drink into the Lab?


We do not allow food or drink near our computers, but have carts as designated food and drink placeholders.

Can I Sit Anywhere in the Lab?


We occasionally have digital media classes that are held in the same room as our lab.  Because of that, we ask that you sit in the first row of computers, closest to the door.


Equipment Checkout FAQs

Can I Checkout Equipment if I’m Not A Digital Media Major?


Only those who are currently taking Digital Media classes from our program are able to checkout equipment.

What’s the Policy for Checking Out Equipment?


You can find our policy for checking out equipment on our Responsibility Form, which states:


Equipment check-out as well as equipment and lab use are privileges that may be revoked if I do not follow directions and procedures.

I understand the checkout procedure and will return equipment in working order at the assigned time.

Failure to return equipment by check-in time will result in a loss of checkout privileges and/or grade penalties.

Any equipment I borrow is my responsibility, and I will report any malfunctions or problems to a lab instructor. 

How Do I Checkout/Return Equipment?


If your digital media class uses equipment throughout its course, at the beginning of the semester, you will be asked to first fill out the Responsibility Form.  This form only needs to be filled out once per semester and is a consent form for checking out equipment.


Each time you wish to check out equipment, you will need to fill out the Equipment Request Form.  Once you have completed the form, please bring your VID to a lab assistant to continue the checkout process.  The lab assistant will gather the equipment you requested and place it on the counter, where you will then check the equipment to make sure nothing is missing or broken.  Once you walk out of the room, you are fully responsible for any missing or broken equipment.


Equipment must be returned the next day before the lab closes.  Place your equipment on the same counter you received your equipment where a lab assistant will inspect the equipment.  Once the lab assistant is done inspecting the equipment, you are okay to leave.

How Long Can I Checkout Equipment For/Can I Have it Checked Out for More than A Day?


When you check out equipment, you have until the end of next day before the lab closes to return it.  The exception to this is on Sunday, when the lab is closed.  If you had originally checked out equipment on Saturday, you have until the end of the next day when the lab is opened (Monday) to return.

If you need to have the equipment longer than a day, you can extend your checkout for an additional day.  For example:  If you check out equipment on Monday, which then you would need to return on Tuesday, you can call or email the lab to extend your checkout.  Be sure to include your name and VID number when doing so.  You can not extend your equipment the same day you checked it out on.  You can find our lab contact here: Campus Lab

What Kind of Equipment Can I Checkout?


You can see what kind of equipment you can check out when you select your class from the Equipment Request Form.