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Production Assistant, Performance Center


To assist and facilitate the Performance Center creative team in the creation, production and distribution of creative/video content, along with the day-to-day video encoding, editing, and outputting of live events.

This job is full time hours, and overtime is very likely.

Performance Center Duties:

  • Assisting hiring manager in shooting/cultivating Performance Center based content.
    • Setting up video cameras to shoot training sessions for coaches and talent
    • Assisting with set-up and lighting of various shoots and productions
    • Acting as a PA (production assistant) for various shoots and projects
  • Arranging and organizing talent meetings to discuss creative direction
    • Making sure talent’s videos and matches are available in vBrick and our private YouTube for talent viewing
  • Promo Class Set-Up
    • Assist in the set-up and tear down of the promo class backdrop, camera and wiring
    • Uploading and tagging promo videos to our private YouTube and vBrick system
    • Tagging talent’s videos in vBrick as they perform
    • Breakdown and cleanup of backdrop and camera
    • Commence upload of videos to YouTube channel
  • Logging talent’s use of “The Mirror” by sending out a monthly report

Live Event Duties:

On Sunday morning, acquire and attain the footage from the weekend’s live events and prepare the matches for distribution

Encoding/transcoding the video of the matches to h.264/.mp4 codecs so they could be added to our Performance Center YouTube channel, as well as to the vBrick content portal

MISC On-Location Shoots:

  • Act as a PA for various off-site shoots for TV, The Network, CSR, Social Media or whomever