Digital Media Equipment Responsibility Agreement

Digital Media Equipment Responsibility Agreement

Lab Infraction Policy

The Digital Media Lab strives to educate students in a safe and positive environment with equipment that is both current and well maintained. In order to ensure this standard, an objective infraction system must be in place. Student’s professionalism, both inside the lab as well as equipment use, will account for 10% of their final grade. The severity of each infraction is at the discretion of the Instructor and/or Lab Manager. The following offenses will result in a student receiving an infraction and may include loss of equipment privileges: (including but not limited to)

  • Case not properly packed
  • Failure to report known equipment problems to the lab
  • Cables not stored neatly (coiled & secured)
  • Loss of any parts (tripod plate, lens caps, etc.)
  • Abuse of equipment
  • Failure to return equipment by check-in time
  • Disregard of Lab usage rules

To Check Out Equipment

  1. Provide your Valencia student ID (obtained in Bldg 5, second floor) to one of the lab staff in 1-152.
  2. Complete and sign the Responsibility Form.
  3. Complete a Student Database Entry.
  4. You are now eligible to check out Digital Media program equipment.
  5. The responsibility form & database must be updated every term you are taking Digital Media courses.

Checkout Policy

  1. The department does not supply any expendables such as videotapes, audiotapes, tape cases, cleaners, printing paper, etc.
  2. Equipment reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Failure to make a timely reservation may result in a student being unable to check out equipment. This circumstance will not change the due date for any project. Reservations are made in person. No reservations are taken over the phone.
  3. When a student is ready to check out equipment, he/she will show a valid Valencia ID at the time of checkout. A current Valencia ID is needed for ALL DMT lab and gear usage.
  4. Equipment cannot be used in for profit projects.
  5. All students MUST be currently registered in a Digital Media Program. (Any exceptions can be made by the Program Director only)
  6. In the event a student cannot check out equipment himself/herself, he/she should inform his/her instructor and the equipment room in writing that they are requesting an assigned checkout. The name and relationship of the person(s) coming to check out the equipment must be included in the request. The people they assign to do their checkout must present a valid form of ID before the equipment room can hand over any equipment.
  7. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any equipment he/she checks out is in working order and all parts are accounted for. The student assumes financial responsibility in the event that equipment is damaged or lost.
  8. For same day equipment use, a student can present a valid Valencia and sign-out the needed equipment. Same day equipment must be returned before the end of open lab time on the same day. Student is responsible for checking lab schedule to make certain that equipment is returned before closing. Keeping same day equipment overnight may result in loss of equipment privileges and/or points off a student’s grade.


  1. ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE COMPLETELY CHECKED IN BY END OF DAY ON THE DUE DATE. Failure to bring back equipment on time with result in a lab violation at the discretion of the lab staff. Allow an extra 5-30 minutes for check in depending on size of checkout.
  2. Any student who is running late with a check-in MUST call in BEFORE 8:00 PM Monday through Thursday (4:00PM During Fall/Spring Term, 11AM During Summer Term on Fridays).
  3. Equipment may be extended only once at the discretion of the lab. Check-in time is not automatically extended if you call; the decision is made on a case-by-case basis. Call as early as possible when requesting an extension.
  4. For students who cannot make the normal check-in times, equipment may be turned in EARLY. The equipment may be left with an instructor (if that instructor agrees to accept the equipment), with the program director (1- 147) or in the dean’s office (3-106). Students should call the lab number and leave a message stating who received the equipment so that lab personnel can retrieve it in a timely manner. The equipment is not considered checked-in until the equipment room personnel retrieves it and inspects it. Under no circumstance should equipment be left unsecured or dropped off in any other locations.
  5. Any equipment malfunction should be reported immediately.
  6. Students returning equipment with missing or broken pieces or those who have outstanding (late) check-outs cannot check out any other equipment until all issues have been resolved to the satisfaction of the Lab Manager.
  7. Students are financially responsible for loss, theft, or damage to Digital Media equipment or facilities while in their possession or under their use.
  8. Equipment checkout is contingent upon the student’s ability to handle the equipment properly as demonstrated by previous usage. Instructors will determine what equipment the student may check out, this will be done on an individual basis. Violations are given for failure to handle equipment in a manner consistent with professional behavior. The violation points are taken off of the final class grade. Repeat student violations will warrant action taken by Lab Manager at his discretion. Penalties can vary depending on severity of particular violations.

Replacing lost or damaged equipment

  1. When equipment is lost or damaged, our first choice is to have the student replace the equipment. The department will assign a deadline (usually 1 to 14 days) in which the student may have the equipment repaired or replaced from an approved vendor. The department will approve all vendors and the student must provide a copy of their receipt to prove the equipment was repaired or replaced properly.
  2. If the department is required to pay for the loss or damage of equipment, a hold will be placed on the student’s administrative records (including, but not limited to Records, Registration and Graduation) until the department is reimbursed for the lost or damaged equipment.
  3. All students who signed the checkout form are held fully and totally responsible for all of the costs associated with lost/damaged equipment.
  4. Failure to communicate with the lab when equipment is overdue may result in security being notified of stolen equipment.

Lab Usage

  1. Labs are maintained for the use of Digital Media classes and the students in those classes and are restricted to those activities designated by the instructor. Any other use is strictly forbidden. Inappropriate use includes (but is not limited to):

o   Modifying any hardware or software system configuration or setting

o   Activities not in accordance with the Valencia student code of conduct.

  1. Lab personnel are to be treated with respect at all times. Any student who is rude or abusive to any staff member, faculty member or fellow student may face disciplinary action from the college.
  2. Vulgar or disrespectful language is not permitted. Any conversations should be kept to a low volume in order to not disturb other people working in the lab. Students will first be warned to speak properly and, at the discretion of the lab staff, may be asked to leave.
  3. No outside projects or projects for profit are permitted.
  4. No food or drinks are allowed in the lab.
  5. All cell phones must be turned off. Students may not accept or make calls from the lab.
  6. Headphones are highly recommended. If you are not using headphones, the volume level must be low enough so you do not disturb classes.
  7. Open lab hours are the only time you may work in the lab. Lab hours may change to accommodate a class or workshop in the lab. Changes in lab hours are posted on the lab door. Please ask if you need a computer & there is a class or workshop scheduled in the lab.
  8. Computer use is remotely monitored; any student using computers inappropriately may be subject to dismissal from class or banishment from the lab. Subsequent offenses may be sent to the campus administration for further disciplinary action.
  9. Lab times will be posted outside the door. Arrival/departure times will be recorded and may be checked weekly as part of your course requirements.
  10. Applications, 3rd party plugins and music libraries are property of Valencia College and for use by Valencia Students for Valencia assignments they may not be used for personal projects.
  11. All students are required to sign in and out of lab. All students must have a current Valencia College ID in order to sign in and out. You must be a current DMT student to use the DMT lab. Any exception can be made by the Program Director.


When filling out the Responsibility Agreement Form you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • You have read the procedures listed in the Digital Media Equipment Responsibility Agreement and will abide by them.
  • Equipment checkout as well as equipment and lab use are privileges that may be revoked if you do not follow directions and procedures.
  • You understand the checkout procedure and will return equipment in working order at the assigned time.
  • Failure to return equipment by check-in time will result in a loss of checkout privileges and/or grade penalties.
  • Any equipment you borrow is your responsibility, and to report any malfunctions or problems to a lab instructor.
  • Pay for any damage to the equipment caused by carelessness or misuse.


Once you have read the Responsibility Agreement, click here to complete the Responsibility Agreement Form