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DIG 1102C – Introduction to Client-Side Programming
DIG 1108C – Introduction to Server-Side Programming
DIG 1631C – Digital Industry Practices
DIG 1940 – Professional Development for Digital Media
DIG 2000C – Introduction to Digital Media and Design
DIG 2030C – Digital Video and Sound
DIG 2092C – Ethics of Web Development
DIG 2100C – Web Essentials
DIG 2101C – Advanced Web Essentials
DIG 2106C – Advanced Client-Side Programming
DIG 2107C – Advanced Server-Side Programming
DIG 2109C – Digital Imaging Fundamentals
DIG 2170C – Web Application Development
DIG 2282C – Visual Media Essentials
DIG 2284C – Advanced Digital Video and Sound
DIG 2291C – Advanced AV Tech
DIG 2292C – Digital Post Production
DIG 2302C – Introduction 3D Motion Graphics
DIG 2312C – Introduction to ActionScript
DIG 2317C – Advanced ActionScript
DIG 2341C – Intro to Motion Graphics
DIG 2342C – Advanced Motion Graphics
DIG 2430C –   Digital Storytelling
DIG 2431C – Advanced Digital Storytelling
DIG 2500C – Fundamentals of Interactive Design
DIG 2561C – Project Management for Digital Media
DIG 2580C – Digital Media Portfolio Review
DIG 2822C – Electronic Journalism
DIG 2930C – Selected Topics in Digital Media
DIG 2943 – Internship in Digital Media
DIG 2950C – Digital Media Project

MMC 2126C – Radio & Podcasting
MUM 2630C – Sound for Media
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